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Congratulations to our IPP Graduates

VanAsep would like to congratulate the Hydro Power Plant Operator Training class on their recent graduation, hosted in Sechelt, BC. This pilot program and the 1st of its kind in Canada consisted of  8 hardworking students; that put in a great deal of dedication and committment to succeed in this demanding 18 week course. These students who are from separate First Nation communities throughout British Columbia, travelled and resided in 2 separate locations to complete the program. VanAsep is thankful to the  Tsawwassen First Nation and Sechelt First Nation for hosting the students on their territory.

“I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity, to venture into an industry that opens its doors to First Nations involvement. The companies and organizations involved with constructing this program did an excellent job with the organization and selection of the right people to teach the curriculum.”

– Dexter Craigon
Graduate of the Power Plant Operator Training Program
Sechelt First Nation

VanAsep would also like to send their gratitude and special thanks to all the companies and organizations involved, in making this program a success: HRSDS Canada, Cloudworks Energy, Regional Power, The First Nations Employment Society and instructor Chris Reid for his hard work and dedication.

Once again, on behalf of the VanAsep Training Society congratulations to the students of the Hydro Power Plant Operators Training Program.


VanAsep Reaches 1000 Friends on Facebook

In just over 3 months the VanAsep Training Society has reached over 1,000 friends on Facebook. In addition, the Job Coaches here at VanAsep will begin launching their own VanAsep accounts to better serve our clientele. Strategically, VanAsep will continue to outreach to all of our clients both new and old to better understand our programs and monitor employment, successes, and training.

An account on Facebook  has  allowed VanAsep to have a solid presence within social media and has attracted new and past clients and employees. With an active account and solid team base VanAsep will utilize Facebook to interact with First Nations accross the country.

Add “JayatVanAsep” to your friends list, he is Job Coach specifically for the Carpentry Program but can answer questions to all of our programs.


VanAsep is Keynote Speaker at 2010 National ASEP Conference

Linden Pinay, Executive Director of VanAsep was the keynote speaker and chair at the recent National ASEP Conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Ottawa on October 27-28, 2010. We were one of the most popular and well-attended of the conference participants, showcasing our groundbreaking new Essential Skills assessments and new technologies, strategies and developments. ASEPs throughout Canada participated to share updates, successes, vision, and strategies for improvements.

Click here to view Linden’s keynote presentation.


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