Supply Chain Exit Survey

The Aboriginal Skills Group (formerly VanAsep Training Society) has now completed the “Supply Chain Careers Program” 2008-20102.

VanAsep Training Society would like to thank you for participating and congratulate those who have been successful in attaining employment as a result of the training. VanAsep Training Society is now in its last stages of the agreement with HRSDC and is now conducting the last follow up with our clients.

Below are a few questions that we would like you to answer in order for us to conduct our Exit Survey:


Are you employed?
If yes, where?
Have you received all the necessary certificates?
Which program did you participate in?
Who was your Job Coach?
At which location did you attend the program?
Do you hold a valid Drivers' License?
Driver's License Class:
Phone :
Street Address:
Postal Code:
Please enter the text you see.
Please enter the text you see.




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